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Hollywood Surrenders? If Only

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August 16, 2007

Hollywood Surrenders? If Only…
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General— Dirty Harry @ 9:02 am

The goal of the terrorist is not to win militarily. Because they can’t. There are too few of them to wage a victorious campaign against the capitol of a nation-state. The goal of the terrorist is not to win electorally. Because they can’t. Too few agree with the terrorist’s goals to win them any kind of election. Knowing this, the terrorist fights a different fight. They use any means necessary to break the will of the people. Terrorists wage a political war — a public relations war. They use violence, but it’s still a political war. It’s a war of wills. A war of attrition. A war of determination.

The terrorists have more than just conquered Hollywood. And Hollywood has more than just surrendered. It’s much worse than that. Hollywood has sided with the terrorists. They’ve become their enablers, not only in the sharing of terrorist goals but in working side by side with them to achieve those goals. And the terrorists didn’t even have to do that much to win them over. They needed only oppose George W. Bush.

Right now, al-Qaeda has a primary goal. A primary stated goal. A goal they have made no secret of: To win in Iraq. While an effective campaign has been won by terrorist appeasers in the media to call them insurgents, the truth — and the media knows this — is that the same people who killed nearly 3,000 of our citizens on September 11th are now fighting ferociously in Iraq to defeat us and take over that country.

And al-Qaeda is not fighting to win a military campaign, because they know they can’t defeat our military. Rather, they’re using violence to fight a political campaign. And every act of violence is geared towards buckling the knees of our politicians, grist for the evening news, and to turn public opinion against the war. And they are winning this campaign.

However, not all of the media has joined al-Qaeda. A lot of it has. The mainstream media has. Certainly, the liberal wing has. But there’s still some of the media who want us to win or are at least reporting fairly. Not all of the politicians have joined al-Qaeda. Some have. Barack lets-invade-Pakaistan-and-stop-destroying-villages-and-killing-innocent-civilians Obama has. Dick Durbin has. Nancy Pelosi has. But George W. Bush hasn’t. And thank God for George W. Bush.

But Hollywood has joined al-Qaeda. All of it. Every segment of it. From the studio execs, producers, directors, actors, and media who report on it all. Oh, they won’t strap bombs to themselves to help achieve their shared goals — that would require sacrifice. Instead, they’ve joined the fun branch of al-Qaeda. The branch that allows them to keep the BMW, drink Starbucks, live in mansions, but still more than do their part. Hollywood has joined the public relations wing of al-Qaeda.

Is it fair for me to say “all” of Hollywood? I think so. Other than a few brave windmill chasers tirelessly trying to get anti-Muslim terrorist films made, it’s “all” of Hollywood. All of the decision makers, all their minions, all of those in a position to change things who lack the courage to do so.

Everything political coming out of Hollywood today aids al-Qaeda. Everything. Every piece of product this community manufactures is designed to break our will to fight, break our will to win in Iraq, and make us question our own decency as a people and country. And other than the tactics employed, there is no daylight between those goals and the stated goals of al-Qaeda.

So far it’s only been light offensives launched by Hollywood. Anti-American propaganda in the form of the Syriana and Mighty Heart type. And it wasn’t just these films alone doing the dirty work. It was the Hollywood press hyping them as something special; it was the critics hyping them as watchable. Some of Hollywood’s P.R. terrorist attacks on behalf of al-Qaeda have been subtler — more insidious and subversive: Showing our military torturing in the Fantastic Four sequel, letting a French cab driver get away with saying Americans kill for no purpose in Rush Hour 3, extolling the virtues of those who expose our anti-terror operations in Bourne 3. But these have simply been small skirmishes launched by the West Coast branch of al-Qaeda. Hollywood hasn’t even begun to fight on behalf of their terrorist allies. Not until now.
With summer winding down and fall on the horizon, Hollywood is set to launch their Tet-offensive. The movie-going public is about to be swamped in pro al-Qaeda propaganda. Everything from this, to this, to this, to this, to these.

Am I being harsh? I don’t think I am. With the exception of employing violence, what’s the difference between what al-Qaeda wants and Hollywood? Different tactics, exact same goals. Both want a weak-willed Democrat in the White House — and one eager to concede Iraq and attack an ally in the War on Terror would just be icing on the cake. Both want us to lose in Iraq. Both want the CIA discredited. Both want the Patriot Act dismantled. Both want Americans questioning our moral foundation to not only wage this war but in our very right to exist. Both want Bush to lose the War on Terror. And both are using every resource at their disposal to achieve these goals.

Those of us who want to see al-Qaeda beat have very little to grasp, and do so somewhat desperately to the deep subtext of films like Tranformers and 300. But those are just distractions as an outright offensive is launched right before our eyes. We can argue all day long about the effectiveness of Hollywood’s partnership with al-Qaeda. That’s not the point of all this. I’m just telling you what they’ve become and who they are.

And I know… You don’t have to repeat it. I’ve heard the argument: Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. But sometimes dissent isn’t the highest form of patriotism. Sometimes it really is siding with the enemy.

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