Monday, April 25, 2005

AP: Springsteen Gives Sneak Preview of Tour

Apr 22, 12:12 AM EDT

ASBURY PARK, N.J. (AP) -- Bruce Springsteen, appearing in the first of two "rehearsal shows," gave fans at the Paramount Theatre on Thursday night a sneak preview of his upcoming "Devils & Dust" tour.

Springsteen first smilingly admonishing audience members to make sure their cell phones were turned off: "I don't want to hear some stupid jingle in the middle of a song."
On center stage, bearing a guitar and harmonica, he explained the inspiration behind some of his new songs and tinkered with some older material.

"Silver Palomino" drew on his love of horses, he said, and "Black Cowboys" stemmed from his love of Westerns and from his outrage over the dangers facing children in poor, urban America.

Springsteen will perform solo on the "Devils & Dust" tour beginning next week in theaters and arenas scaled down to theater format. His 19th album, "Devils & Dust," is scheduled for release April 26.

Several of his recent albums fit easily into the rehearsal show's acoustic format, and he sandwiched new material between familiar fare from "The Rising" and "The Ghost Of Tom Joad." And at times, he reached back even further, as when he performed "For You" at the piano.

A second sold-out rehearsal show was scheduled for the same theater Friday.

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