Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mere Comments: Arresting Links

These are beautiful blog sites that have received the endorsement of Touchstone Magazine on their blog under "Mere Comments" at http://www.touchstonemag.com

April 18, 2005
Arresting Links

Now and then, I check to see who’s linking to Mere Comments, and this page, Zippy the Fish, by Peter Schrock arrested my attention and led it away in handcuffs. I’m a sucker for excellent photography, but it’s also heartening to see an artist of my generation who reads Mere Comments and First Things and quotes Dante and the Psalms.

There’s something refreshing, too, about Zippy the Fish: Schrock’s ability to craft texts and images in a medium that is too often text heavy. It reminds me of Notes from a Hillside Farm, by another blogger who links to us, John Bell, an Orthodox lawyer in Virginia who raises sheep. For those of us bound to urban commutes and suburban sprawl, the vistas are just what the doctor ordered. It’s a perfect site to visit with your kids.

Though (sadly) there seems to be less photography these days, another site that does this well, and, in keeping with the pattern here, links to Mere Comments, is Jonathan and Amanda Witt’s Wittingshire.
By the way, our thanks to John, Peter, & Jonathan and Amanda, for these links. We appreciate them.

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