Friday, October 21, 2016

NeverTrump Agonistes: Trump is the Only Pro-Life Choice

Supporting the GOP nominee is the only hope of saving innocent life

October 20, 2016
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Now that we are done with the presidential debates, with just a few weeks until Election Day, the choice for the country could not be more stark. Hillary Clinton promises to continue the economic and foreign policy path of Barack Obama, which has weakened our country and emboldened our enemies. By expanding government spending, forgiving student loan debt, granting amnesty to millions of illegals, raising taxes, continuing with Obamacare, Madam President would massively pile on debt to a nation already leveraged to the hilt.
As for Donald Trump, he will streamline government, cut taxes, incentivize businesses to bring assets back to the U.S., retire Obamacare, renegotiate bad trade deals, shut off illegal immigration, and begin a new, more pragmatic approach to foreign affairs. On those factors alone, he should be the obvious choice for anyone who thinks America is heading in the wrong direction.
Yet there are still some Republicans — including prominent figures such as Jeb Bush and John Kasich — who can still not bring themselves to live up to their pledge to support their party’s nominee. They cite not only his temperament but his “failure to show any capacity to learn about conservatism.”
They should have taken notice, however, that Trump, on stage in Las Vegas Wednesday, clearly demonstrated that he has really learned something significant about the issue of abortion. Killing babies, especially those in the latter stages of pregnancy — no matter how Mrs. Clinton tried to justify it — is evil.
For any Republican or independent who believes late-term abortion is a moral evil, these are the facts:
1.) Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States
2.) If Hillary Clinton wins, she will support policies and judges that are absolutely horrific from a pro-life perspective
3.) The vast majority of Republicans — including pro-life Republicans — believe that Hillary Clinton must be kept out of office, and therefore they are working together as a coalition to block her and elect Donald Trump instead.
4.) A tiny minority of pundits claim to oppose Mrs. Clinton, but devote almost all their time and energy to attacking Donald Trump and his supporters
5.) By attacking Trump and his supporters, they make it more likely that Mrs. Clinton will win the White House
6.) By making it more likely that Mrs. Clinton will win the White House, they are making it more likely that Mrs. Clinton’s abortion regime will become U.S. law
Based on these facts, it seems logical to conclude that by constantly attacking Trump and his supporters, the NeverTrumpers are effectively advancing Mrs. Clinton’s abortion regime.

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