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From funerals to talk shows, the Washington gutter oozes everywhere

September 2, 2018
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Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) on Sunday's Meet the Press (NBC)
It sure was nice to turn on the “Sunday shows” and finally get away from all the politics of this weekend’s funerals.
Listening to failed politicians hijack the funerals of two such respected American heroes as John McCain and Aretha Franklin so they could smear the sitting president really tells you all you need to know about those washed-up has-beens.
It was particularly strange to listen to all these rabid enemies of McCain in life heaping praise on him in death.
McCain was a rare genuine battle hero in American politics; but American politics treated him badly. During his presidential campaign against then-Sen. Barack Obama, McCain was slimed as a racist. During his campaign against then-Gov. George W. Bush, he endured sneaky robocalls accusing him of having an illegitimate black child.
Hard to see how both could be possible. But when it comes to low-down, dirty, dishonest gutter politics in America, nothing is out of bounds.
Somehow these people are shocked — SHOCKED! — by the harsh rhetoric of President Trump.
Give me a break.
And now these people are lining up to smear yet another good person dragged into the sewer of American politics.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, went on one of the Sunday shows to shred the good name of Mr. Trump’s latest nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. (I will not say the name of the program because, honestly, I am embarrassed to have wasted precious moments of the Sabbath on such sleepy-eyed nonsense.)
Anyway, she claims to have read 148,000 documents that reveal Judge Kavanaugh to be so heinous as to be unfit for the high court.
OK, let’s say Ms. Klobuchar spent two minutes reading each document. That would be 296,000 minutes — or 205 days — reading these documents. Which is pretty remarkable considering Judge Kavanaugh was nominated 55 days ago.
There is another word for this. It is called a “lie.” And the person who utters it is known as a “liar,” even if the person she tells this “lie” to is so sleepy-eyed as to appear to be fully asleep.
But this isn’t even the most astonishing part of Ms. Klobuchar’s sewer dive on national television.
She goes on to say that as horrific as all these documents reveal Judge Kavanaugh to be, she is not allowed to share the documents with the American people. She is not even allowed to tell us what they say.
“I can’t even tell you about them right now on the show,” she told her sleepy-eyed interlocutor, who gazed back, sleepily.
So, at this point, I am starting to think Mr. Kavanaugh is a racist, child-molesting serial killer. I mean, even Pope Francis would boot this guy out of the church clergy. If only we could see these devastating top secret memos!
Well, it turns out, Ms. Klobuchar cannot tell the truth even about the secrecy of these devastating memos that reveal Judge Kavanaugh to be so unworthy that we innocent taxpayers are not allowed to see.
Last month, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican and Judiciary Committee chairman, asked Democrats on the committee to identify any of the classified records they thought might shed light on Judge Kavanaugh’s record.
Only one Democrat — Ms. Klobuchar — took Mr. Grassley up on his offer. She asked for 12 records to be made public.
All were.
There was no indication in them, however, that Judge Kavanaugh is a racist, child-molesting serial killer.
Still, Ms. Klobuchar is voting against his nomination to the Supreme Court. And continues to peddle dishonest political smut from supposedly secret documents that nobody can see.
But when Judge Kavanaugh dies, Ms. Klobuchar will be sure to seize the national limelight and deliver a glowing eulogy.

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