This is the end of the Catholic Church in America. What is true in Pennsylvania is undoubtedly true elsewhere, and once that becomes known, no one in the hierarchy—NO ONE—will be worthy of trust.

UPDATE.7: A reader points out the identity of a featured speaker at the World Meeting Of Families later this month in Dublin:
Not sure how much that unctuous fraud Donald Wuerl has to contribute to the discussion of family welfare.
UPDATE.8: There was a rumor that Wuerl would resign in Washington by week’s end. If that’s true, there’s no sign of it. He’s come out swinging. This was sent to priests of the Archdiocese of Washington today:

UPDATE.8: This from Rocco Palmo, in Philly:

Amid a day of a kind unknown in the history of the US Church – just the latest piece of a crisis engulfing the nation's largest faith – a brief word on how it’s going in the PA trenches… While survivors are the first victims of this unspeakable evil, they’re far from alone.

UPDATE.9: This woman is a member of the Pittsburgh diocese:

Our hearts should be shattered.
Hold this in your mind: a little girl who had just had her tonsils removed was raped by her priest while recovering in the hospital. And the only reason we know about this is because, against the will of the bishops, the cover-up was dragged to light.