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President Ebola

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U.S. President Barack Obama takes reporters' questions during a news conference at the conclusion of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in the Dean Acheson Auditorium at the State Department August 6, 2014 in Washington, DC. Obama hosted the first-time, three-day summit to strengthen ties between the United States and African nations.

In 2009, Obama lifted the ban on AIDS cases entering the United States. Describing HIV as “a virus that has touched lives,” he announced that he was ending a ban based on “fear rather than fact.”

Obama didn’t specify what new facts about AIDS had been discovered that made it no longer infectious or a threat to public health. Instead he just had the CDC remove HIV from the list of “communicable diseases of public health significance.” Was HIV no longer of “public health significance”? The amount of money being lavished on it indicated otherwise. Was it then suddenly no longer communicable?

The CDC awkwardly tried to explain why syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases were still on the list, but HIV wasn’t. The answer could be summed as “because Obama said so.” The CDC did promise to “consider other diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, for scientific review.” But most STDs don’t have their own billion-dollar lobby that can make or break politicians.

In a cage match between public health and politically correct cash, the winner was AIDS. And so the ban was lifted and immigrants no longer had to be tested for HIV.

But Obama was not a one-disease politician. He was also open to being touched by other viruses. The same year that his CDC decided that AIDS was no longer a communicable disease, Bush era quarantine regs were also scrapped.  The regs had been part of an Avian Flu response that Senator Obama had demanded when he was cynically maneuvering for political advantage. But that was then. This is now.

In a bid for amnesty, Obama opened the southern border and flooded America with dangerous diseases.

The commitment to open borders had clear viral consequences. Border agents have already come down with antibiotic resistant infections carried by illegal aliens and in some cases passed these diseases on to their children. Also along for the ride was Swine Flu, a potentially fatal and communicable disease.

Obama had declared Swine Flu a “national emergency” around the same time that he was putting out the welcome mat for AIDS. But in his push for amnesty, he also welcomed Swine Flu into the country.

And that was just the beginning.

An Enterovirus D68 outbreak, that has now claimed the life of an American child, followed. The death took place in New Jersey, which has one of the highest rates of unaccompanied alien minor placements and possibly the highest rate when accounting for territorial size. Some D68 cases appeared to be linked to a mysterious condition in Colorado causing paralysis and spinal cord abnormalities in children.

As horrifying as these public health crises caused by Obama’s open borders policy are, the real nightmare may still be coming.

Even though Ebola doesn’t have its own lobby yet, it’s getting the AIDS treatment. The White House has been firm about rejecting any Ebola travel ban. Instead arriving visitors from Ebolaland are getting flyers at airports telling them to report any symptoms to their doctor. The CDC is claiming that the source screenings, which can be fooled by an Ebola carrier taking Advil, are good enough.

And if not, well, the Democratic Party’s voters have to come from somewhere. Who cares if they happen to be vomiting up blood while they’re casting their vote?

If AIDS can magically stop being a “communicable disease of public health significance,” why not Ebola? Why not any and every epidemic that might potentially keep a future Democrat out of Chicago?

As with AIDS, Obama is taking the line that Ebola has to be stopped at its source in Africa and that keeping the infected out of America will somehow interfere with this mission. It’s the sort of reasoning that makes a lot of sense to someone who views borders and nations as outdated relics. It doesn’t, however, make much sense to most Americans who still think there is such a thing as the United States.

The media, which can stir up a mass panic over a fly in a restaurant, is warning of “Ebola-phobia” and assuring the country that there’s no reason to fear an outbreak. Ebola isn’t really all that contagious, say all the same media outlets which have been claiming that AIDS and leprosy aren’t all that contagious. But then again no disease carried by Democratic Party voters can be considered truly contagious.

Except maybe leftism.

Now that we know that we don’t have to worry, it’s only a question of which outbreak we don’t have to worry about first.

Due to Obama’s policies, we have so many contagious and deadly diseases waiting in line to infect Americans that it’s not clear which outbreak we should be worrying about the least. Should we be getting unready for an Ebola outbreak, a Swine Flu outbreak or an Enterovirus B68 outbreak?

But that’s what happens when the border security of a nation vanishes into thin air.

ISIS fighters who returned to the United States were allowed in. Illegal aliens with every possible disease were allowed in. Any other course of action would be Islamophobia and Ebolaphobia.

ObamaCare has a menu of exotic disease outbreaks to cope with. Even as Ebola enriches our airports, Virginia has become “Ground Zero” for Chagas disease which kills 11,000 people a year, a mysterious paralyzing virus is spreading across Colorado and the border patrol even caught a case of leprosy.

Where does one go to find leprosy in the age of Obama? New York City. While the United States is overwhelmed with foreign leprosy cases, it is now possible to be born in New York City and live your entire life there and still come down with leprosy because it’s become an endemic disease. Leprosy cases really took off after Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act did to public health what he had done to Mary Jo Kopechne. The top source countries for the disease are Mexico, Vietnam and Cuba.

So much for socialized medicine.

Open borders means a constantly shifting menu of diseases and terrorist threats that never go away because the door is open. It’s as open to an Ebola patient as it is to an ISIS Jihadist. AIDS is as welcome as the next Anwar Al-Awlaki. They are all part of the great multicultural future of the Democratic Party in which Islamic terrorists and Third World diseases battle it out for the opportunity to destroy America.

If an Ebola outbreak does happen, this disastrous administration and its leader may go down in history as President Ebola. But even if it doesn’t, there’s always President Swine Flu or President B68.

And there are always the classics. Three years after Obama took down the HIV travel ban, foreign-born Latinos AIDS cases in New York had risen to 31%. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of spreading awareness of the disease, but we could start by spreading awareness of the fact that allowing people with infectious diseases into the United States has deadly consequences.

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