Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keira Knightly sues British publishers over 'anorexia link'

[Why would anyone assume that Ms. Knightly has an issue or three with food consumption? - jtf]

Mon Jan 22, 1:39 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - British actress Keira Knightley filed a libel suit over a news story she claims suggested that she has anorexia and is responsible for a teenage girl's death from the eating disorder.

Simon Smith, a lawyer with Schillings law firm, said the 21-year-old star's lawsuit was filed against Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail, for an article on January 11.

Smith indicated Knightley was unhappy with a link the newspaper made between her and a teenage girl who died of anorexia, an eating disorder in which the victims starve themselves but still think they are overweight.

"The article made reference to what it perceived to be Ms. Knightley's very slim appearance," Smith said.

It "carried a photograph of Ms. Knightley, taken without her consent, whilst wearing a bikini and relaxing on a beach on holiday," Smith said.

"The article then reported the recent, tragic death of a teenage girl who suffered from anorexia and contained an interview with the girl's mother," he said.

"We wish to make clear that Ms. Knightley has the deepest sympathy for the girl's family," he added.

"However, Ms. Knightley has publicly denied suggestions that she might be anorexic or have a similar eating disorder," Smith said.

On July 4, after her appearance in a revealing gold Gucci dress at the European premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," Knightley said her family has a history of anorexia but she insisted she did not suffer from the disorder.

In the lawsuit, Smith said, Knightley "will argue that the Mail's article suggests that she has dishonestly sought to mislead the public about whether she has anorexia or similar eating disorder and will show that she does not have anorexia."

He added the suit "further will challenge the suggestion that she is responsible and to blame for the tragic death of the teenage girl by setting a bad example."

The case is expected to go to jury trial at London's High Court either late this year or early next year if it does not settle sooner.

In July last year, Knightley admitted that her grandmother and great-grandmother had both developed anorexia.

But the actress claimed to be surprised when people started inquiring about her own eating habits.

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