Monday, November 21, 2005

Debbie Schlussel: Must Smear TV

[I believe that the Sacramento Kings' pre-game depictions of Detroit on the arena's video screen were in poor taste...I don't believe that Ms. Schlussel is standing up for such behavior...I believe that she is showing the difference as to what is an acceptable offense regarding such depictions.]

Debbie Schlussel
November 21, 2005

TV teaches you a lot about what you can and can't say in America, these days.

On Wednesday Night's NBC line-up, Christians were portrayed as violent fanatics who try to blow up a Detroit mosque. The Minutemen, citizens who patrol our borders, are portrayed as cold-blooded murderers.

But the only ones who are apologizing are the billionaire Maloof brothers who own the NBA's Sacramento Kings, for daring to show the real Detroit. Jimmy Kimmel had to apologize, too, for making fun of Detroit on his ABC late-night show.

What's wrong with this picture?

In the case of the Maloof brothers, they recently showed the real picture, before an NBA home game between their Sacramento Kings and the Detroit Pistons. But, unlike NBC's TV line-up, it wasn't fiction or even carefully crafted "Reality TV."

The Maloofs' team showed a series of real images of burning cars and burned out homes in the City of Detroit. And despite the fact that Detroiters just re-elected Pimp Daddy Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick--who sent Detroit to the brink of receivership while the married mayor used his 21 bodyguards to hustle girlfriends, strippers, and other assorted paramours--Detroiters are mad that Californian billionaire siblings dare expose what's really happening in the rustiest, most failing major city in the rust belt.

The Maloof brothers didn't just suffer angry rants of sports columnists and editorialists in the Detroit media. They were just fined $30,000.00 for daring to display the visual truths I see regularly as I drive through the city. Burning cars? Detroit cops have the evidence they're not supposed to show the media.

Anytime a Detroit sports team (minus hockey) wins a major game or championship, things are set on fire in the city. Then there is Detroit's infamous "Devils' Night." Despite a decrease in the number of torched crack houses burning on the night before Halloween, the fact remains that homes still burn on that night in Motown. No other major city in the Western Hemisphere needs to near-quintuple law enforcement manpower, as Detroit does, on the night of October 30th, every single year.

But you can't say that. It's not acceptable, not politically correct to tell the truth about Detroit. Why? Because Detroit is a Black-dominated city. Therefore, any criticism of the city is off-limits. It's "racist."

So racist, that no-one had the guts to point out a few things:

* If the Pistons are so proud about Detroit, why is the team located many, many miles outside the city in the lily White, upper middle class suburb of Auburn Hills, where things are far safer?

* Pistons owner Bill Davidson, to whom the Maloof brothers apologized in full-page ads, doesn't even live in Detroit. He lives in ritzy Bloomfield Hills, far outside Detroit--and again far safer. He'd NEVER live in Detroit, for the very reasons the Maloofs presented and for which they are now apologizing.

Similar video of burned-out, empty-building, boarded-up business Detroit was shown Wednesday Night at the beginning of the low-rated Benjamin Bratt show "E-Ring," which is supposed to be a show about Pentagon and Army operatives involved in Special Operations to save Americans. But that's not what Wednesday Night's episode was about.

In fact, the politically correct topic of "E-Ring" made the Detroit burn-out pics okay: Muslim Americans as victims of Christian Americans.

"E-Ring" showed a gang of Christian thugs (is there such a thing?) capturing a Detroit area mosque, killing mosque members, and trying to blow the place up. Like that ever happened--or would. (The Christians also murder FBI agents who are surveilling the mosque, as if the FBI in Detroit is actually monitoring, instead of kowtowing to, extremist mosques. It isn't.)

But where are the calls for NBC, Bratt, and the show's producers to apologize in full-page ads like the Maloof brothers did?

Dream on.

Then, there is NBC's franchise player, "Law and Order"--a show, which can always be counted on to support America's enemies and attack American patriots, soldiers, and any reasonable policy designed to help America in the War on Terror.

On Wednesday Night, the show portrayed the Minutemen--unarmed civilians who patrol the border looking for illegal aliens and report sightings to Border Patrol--as bigoted murderers. Of course, to avoid a lawsuit, the show didn't use the name, "Minutemen." But with a name like, "Countrymen Border Watch of America," it's clear whom the L&O scriptwriters were depicting.

The show even depicted a patriotic ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agent, who favored the border watchers, as a corrupt, evil lout and co-conspirator to mass murder of illegals. Not that it would ever be believable, but, laughably, L&O actors constantly referred to the agency by enunciating its letters, "I--C--E." Attention Sam Waterston: The agency's name is pronounced, "ice," as in frozen H2O.

What's really frozen is society's new standards on what you can and can't say in America. Time for a quick thaw of this turkey.

UPDATE: Check out Jay's excellent post on "Law & Order's" defamation of the Minutemen at Stop the ACLU.

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