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Janice Shaw Crouse: Saran Wrap For 'Safe' Teen Sex?
Janice Shaw Crouse (archive)
May 24, 2005

Years ago, the whole country got a laugh out of The Total Woman’s recommendation that wives occasionally spice things up by greeting their husbands wrapped only in Saran Wrap –– the clear, flexible plastic film meant to cover food in the refrigerator.

Today, right-thinking adults should be outraged by the recommendation in the latest “comprehensive” sex-education materials from Planned Parenthood that, for “safe” sex, 8th graders should use Saran Wrap as “protection” when engaging in oral and anal sex.

Excuse me! How did we get to the point where it must be assumed that 8th graders are going to be “performing” oral and anal sex and we have to equip them to do it “safely”? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the sex education lobby — in its supposed superior wisdom — has been pushing to strip kids as young as kindergarten age of their innocence by insisting that they be taught about every kind of deviant sexual practice long before they are emotionally ready for such information.

Why in heaven’s name should teachers be providing curious 8th graders with ever more detailed information that is bound to encourage the more adventurous or emotionally needy ones to experiment sexually? Why talk about oral and anal sex to children, period? The unspoken purpose is clear and has the fingerprints of the gay lobby and NAMBLA all over it. The FBI publishes A Parent’s Guide to the Internet. Note well how it describes the modus operandi of pedophiles: “These individuals attempt to gradually lower children's inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual context and content into their conversations.” And millions of parents are letting so-called sex-education experts do exactly this to their children in the classroom without raising any objection. Unbelievable!

It distresses me to think that any sane, caring adult would want classroom discussions of casual oral and anal sex to be a child’s introduction to such a powerful drive as sex. As a woman I am outraged at the idea that anyone — least of all, a teacher — would want to encourage an adolescent girl to be “used” in such a blatantly sexist way by either young boys wanting to experiment or older guys looking for someone gullible enough to give them momentary pleasure?

Eighth-grade girls should be learning the basic elements required for successful adult relationships; good manners, social etiquette, the give and take of negotiation and conflict resolution –– how to respect themselves and each other; not how to use and abuse the opposite sex in throw-away, disposable, meaningless, fast-food-type couplings.

The Saran Wrap recommendation ought to remove any remaining doubts about Planned Parenthood’s agenda and its qualifications to have a voice in determining our school’s sex-education curriculum. Added proof, the interim president of Planned Parenthood, Karen Pearl, complained that President Bush wanted to increase funding for “dangerous abstinence-only programs by nearly 25 percent.” Without a shred of evidence and contrary to numerous studies, Pearl also asserted that these programs “don’t work” and that the President is catering to “ideological extremists.” Adding further confirmation of the Left’s disgusting agenda and its callous disregard of children’s well-being, a coalition of organizations from the ideological Left recently mobilized a campaign to stop federal funding for abstinence programs, though abstinence funding is already a minuscule amount of the total federal money allocated to sex education.

The real “ideological extremists” are those groups who show that they really have not a shred of concern about children’s well-being by pushing programs that encourage risky behavior in the short run that will compromise our children’s long-term future prospects for a good and decent life. Nothing could be clearer than the fact that the programs they design, and try to bully parents into accepting, serve only to short-circuit the development of discipline and character formation, and undermine our children’s ability to learn the delayed gratification and self-restraint needed for a productive, happy life.

Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow, Concerned Women for America, writes regularly on social and cultural issues.
©2005 Janice Shaw Crouse

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