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Touchstone Mag: The Woman They Want to Murder, Legally

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Robert Hart sends me this "must post" item. Indeed: if this doesn't make you mad, what will? Go ahead, explain this to your kids. From the Washington Times:

Schiavo agonizes-

"This past Christmas Eve day, I went to visit Terri Schiavo with her parents. ... I had no idea what to expect. ... The media and Mr. Schiavo clearly give the impression that Terri is in a coma or comatose state and engages only in non-purposeful and reflexive movements and responses. ...
"Instead, I saw a very pretty woman with a peaches and cream complexion and a lovely smile, which she even politely extended to me as I introduced myself to her. ... When her mother was close to her, Terri's whole face lit up. She smiled. She looked directly at her mother and she made all sorts of happy sounds. When her mother talked to her, Terri was quiet and obviously listening. When she stopped, Terri started vocalizing. ...

"When we were preparing to leave, ... Terri was visibly upset [her family members] were leaving. She almost appeared to be trying to cling to them. ... She was definitely not in a coma, not even close. This visit certainly shed more light for me on why the Schindlers are fighting so hard to protect her; to get her medical care and rehabilitative assistance, and to spend all they have to protect her life."

—Barbara Weller, writing on "A Visit With Terri Schiavo," in the Winter 2005 issue of Lifeline
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