Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Laura Ingraham: What Dems Still Don't Get

[One of my two favorite smart-a$$ blonde pundits weighs in...I won't apologize for her invective any more than I'll apologize for that of Ann Coulter.]
Top Democrats advising the Kerry campaign are scratching their heads raw this week, trying to figure out why John Kerry — even with one good debate performance under his belt and continuing violence in Iraq — still is still having such a hard time convincing voters he would be a more effective commander-in-chief than George Bush. But the answer is actually fairly simple. Kerry — like all doves — is unpersuasive on national security issues because he doesn't realize certain basic truths that have guided American policy for decades. These are:

1. The world is a dangerous place, filled with deadly people. Not just people who are misunderstood. Not just people who are poor. Not just people who have different "values." Deadly people who want us killed. President Bush knows this. The American people know it. American liberals don't.

2. Most nations in the world look out for themselves. We cringe at the idea of a 'global test' because we know who's going to be grading the test. We know the anti-Americanism that exists around the world. We know the incompetence and corruption that dominates the UN. We know that leaders like Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder are determined to take any opportunity to hinder the United States. We know that international media organizations, from the BBC to Al-Jazeera, are doing everything they can to whip up even more hostility toward this country. In short, we know that you would have a better chance at a fair hearing in an Olympic figure-skating competition than you would of getting a fair grade on a 'global test.'" George Bush knows this. The American people know this. American liberals don't.

3. America is not the world's problem — America is the world's solution. Tying down the United States — through international treaties like Kyoto or the International Criminal Court, or through imposing a "global test" on our ability to respond to problems-will not make the world safer. It will make the world less safe. Limiting U.S. power will not make the world better. It will lead to more pain, more death, more suffering. The United States is the only great nation in the world whose people are willing to make real sacrifices of blood and treasure for world peace. If we don't do it, no one will. President Bush knows this. The American people know it. American liberals don't.

American liberals are making the same mistake in the war on terror that they made during the Cold War. They trust anti-American voices around the world more than they trust the American people. They believe that our responsibilities can be shoved onto the backs of other countries that will not help us. (Although even Kerry has had to admit this week that France and Germany will not send troops in Iraq even if he wins on November 2.) They believe in a moral equivalence between the United States and its adversaries. They were wrong in the 1980's, and they are wrong today. That is why Kerry cannot articulate a credible plan to win the war on terrorism.

That is why Edwards looked and sounded so vague Tuesday night. Until American liberals overcome this fear of the American people — until they learn to trust us more than they trust their friends in Europe — they will flip, flop and flounder in their effort to take back the White House.

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