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Hijab in the House

December 27, 2018

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Rashida Tlaib draped in a Palestinian flag is embracing her mother on the night of her Primary Election win.(Photo by Anthony Lanzilote via The New York Times)

One of the notable results of the November 6 midterm elections was that the U.S. House of Representatives went from two Muslim members -- Indiana’s André Carson and Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, who on the same day was elected his state’s attorney general -- to three Muslims, Carson plus two new female members from Michigan and Minnesota. With few if any exceptions, the mainstream media rooted for these ladies throughout the campaign season and lustily cheered their victories, not because of their skills or experience or political views but because they represented “diversity.”

The same media also did their best to cover up unpleasant details about them. For example, Rashida Tlaib, the soon-to-be-installed member from Michigan, has a record of outspoken anti-Semitic comments (at her victory party, she wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag). As David Steinberg demonstrated in a bravura series of investigative articles for PJ MediaIlhan Omar, the hijab-wearing future Gentlewoman from Minnesota (on her account, Democrats plan to lift a 181-year-old ban on head coverings in Congress), not only hates Jews but committed perjury and married her brother, likely as part of an immigration and student-loan scam. Nonetheless she is already being hailed as a “star” and has been elected to a leadership role in the House progressive caucus.

Granted, these are just two House members out of 435. And Ellison, who won election in Minnesota despite his chummy relations with Louis Farrakhan and highly plausible accusations of domestic abuse, is, so far, the country’s only Muslim state AG. But it’s a start -- a foot in the door. At what point are we permitted to begin worrying out loud?

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